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Welcome to my Campaign Re-election website.  I speak to you today not only as an elected official or a candidate for reelection but as a neighbor, friend, and colleague seeking your vote for re-election as the People’s Commissioner, Durham Board of County Commissioners. 


We share a long and unique history over these past 12 years.  I continue to be with you as we celebrate the good things in Durham, and faced the toughest of challenges.  Today our community is facing tough challenges as my neighbors deal with being displaced from their homes, it is difficult to run a campaign for re-election because my mind and heart are with the people that are displaced from their homes.



I Listen. ..I hear you.  I sat at your kitchen tables, walked the streets of your community, sat at the Board table—and carried your message with the strength, determination, and belief to change the course of the traditional Durham dialogue/landscape.  


But most importantly, we worked together for the change that has been realized.  Yes, we crafted and propelled a plan of action--seeking results that not only lifted up families and neighborhoods but also focused the attention on the issues and policies with a strong message that all citizens from all corners of Durham County benefit from the investment in Durham. 


To be successful in my re-election efforts I need your support so that I may continue to advance the policies and programs for a stronger economy, greater job creation, access to affordable homes.  I need your help if we are to achieve greater educational opportunities not only for our children but for our teachers as well.  I need your support so that we may continue on a path to have a voice and build communities of inclusion and safer neighborhoods in our communities.


I am ready and I ask you to join me in putting forth the exceptional energy, will and passion to be the stronger voice that builds the stronger Durham Community.  






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