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Commissioner Howerton is supportive of a creative, wholesome educational environment that is conducive to serving youth demographics from preschoolers to seniors in college. 

"We need to address the "Digital Divide" or the disparity between youth that have access to technology and those that do not."


Commissioner Howerton has supported economic development incentives for industrial expansion, as well as hotel and restaurant development  in downtown, Durham. She took the lead in adaptive reuse incentives for projects such as the Durham Innovation District, Chesterfield and business expansions such as BioMeriux in the Treyburn Industrial Park.


Commissioner Howerton believes firmly in the ideal that Veterans be treated with the utmost care and respect. She has been in support of many Veteran and active Military recognition events, including the swearing in of new US Citizens. Commissioner Howerton speaks highly of the extremely knowledgeable, Durham County Veterans Affairs Chief Officer, Lois Harvin-Ravin


Commissioner Howerton has supported the efforts to improve the quality of life for Seniors living in Durham. "Seniors want you to listen and find out what's important to them. What can we do to make life a little easier for them?" She was present and supportive of the recent "Senior Aging Well in Durham Conference" and remains supportive and engaged in the issues and priorites that face the Senior Community of Durham County, Many days, Commissioner Brenda Howerton can be found visiting the Durham Senior Life Center frequently to listen to the concerns of the Elders of this fine community.


Commissioner Howerton has been in favor of putting funds into sustaining historical properties. Howerton has demonstrated a continuing interest in state level activities concerning or affecting the environment. The Commissioner is supportive of organizations that look for ways to preserve historical environmental properties.


Durham is a melting pot of multiple ethnicities. Durham is a county of employees that are very diverse. Howerton is supportive of diversity and served as human relations Commissioner. She is committed to diversity.

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