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  • Friends of Durham
  • Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People
  • Durham Association of Educators
  • Triangle Central Labor Council (Teamsters Local 391)
  • North Carolina Sheriff Police Alliance 
Letters of Endorsement
Bob Ingram

"I have known Brenda for 14 years and have watched her throughout her 7 years of service to Durham County. Not only is she a womanof principle and fairness, she is a hard worker, driven by her desire to have only the best for Durham County at large."

Ronald Leary

"Brenda understands the importance of working collaboratively with her colleagues and of dealing congenially with the public. She is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position."

Worth Hill

"Brenda has worked effectively in the County for seven years...She brings excellent credentials to this position, with a Business Management degree from Shaw Univeristy, Executive Coaching Ceritfication from NC State University and many other certifications. Since being elected in 2008 as County Commissioner, she has worked tirelessly for the citizens of Durham County."

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